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Diverse Children Friendship Playing Outdoors Concept
Diverse Children Friendship Playing Outdoors Concept
Diverse Children Friendship Playing Outdoors Concept


Understanding emotions and supporting the affected

What is Grief?

Grief is the emotional experience that takes place when a person goes through a significant loss. It is not just a feeling one has for a death of a family member, although this can be the most significant feeling of grief. Many life situations can cause a grief response such as the death of a person or pet, losing a job, miscarriage, a relationship breakup and much more. Everyone grieves differently, but for some, it can be a long process filled with many emotions. These emotions are natural, but it’s important to understand that healing comes with time. Most people face five stages of grief, including:


Many people have a hard time believing that they have in fact lost someone or something they hold dear. This is a response to avoiding the pain. This stage can last for several weeks.


Denial can soon lead to frustration and anger. Many people feel it unfair to have experienced such loss and begin to put unwarranted blame on others. This stage can cause damage to a person’s relationships.


After the stage of anger, many people tend to ask themselves “Why me” and begin bargaining with a higher power.


Following anger and bargaining, people often go through a long period of sadness. This is normal, although many people feel it impossible to come out of this stage. Here, one may begin to realize the loss is true and begin reflecting on the time spent with the person, job or pet. This can be a lonely stage, as people isolate themselves from friends and family.


Finally, people who have experienced loss learn to come to terms with it and begin the stage of acceptance. In this stage, a person starts to feel more at peace with the loss and is able to move on with their lives. Not everyone experiences these stages of grief in order and often people move back and forth through the stages. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, however there are healthy ways to cope with the pain.

Seeking professional help for grief

It is important to have support when going through the grieving process. Many people find comfort in talking to someone who can provide professional help. It is important not to leave extreme grief untreated. FCS Counseling has therapists who specialize in grief counseling and are here to help.

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